How does SEPA Direct Debit work with Fabman?

If you’re based in the EU, you can automatically generate SEPA Direct Debit transactions to collect payment from your members. Here’s how it works:

  1. Once you’ve enabled SEPA Direct Debit in your Space’s Billing settings, you can set each member’s payment method to SEPA. (If you’ve enabled "billing in member portal" in your account settings, your members can also see and update their SEPA payment method.)
  2. When it’s time to collect money from your members, you can use the "Collect payment" button to create payments for all due invoices – just as you would do for credit cards. For each member with a SEPA payment method, Fabman will mark all their due invoices as being paid and create a single SEPA payment file for all these payments.
  3. Download the SEPA payment file in the format supported by your bank – either from the "collect payments" screen or from the result detail page:
  4. Once you’ve downloaded the payment file, you’ll need to import the file via your bank’s web interface or banking application (depending on your bank). This lets you create a SEPA Direct Debit transaction for each payment in one go. (Usually, you can preview and confirm all transactions before they are finally issued.)

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