What SEPA payment file format do I need?

If you’re using SEPA Direct Debit with Fabman, you can download SEPA payment files for importing into your online bank. This lets you create SEPA transactions for all due invoices in one go.

You can download the file in several different formats:

  1. CSV (comma separated values)
  2. XML according to the international banking standard ISO 20022, and either in PAIN.008.001.02 or PAIN.008.003.02 format.

If you’re unsure which format your bank requires, talk to your bank representative – or simply try out each format. You can safely download the SEPA payments file multiple times in different formats to see which one works for you.

If you’re importing the file using your bank’s online banking website, you probably need the XML format. If you use a dedicated banking application, you might be able to import the CSV format instead.

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