Set up the member portal

Before you invite members to you member portal, make sure you’ve set it up nicely. Here are a few things to check:

Account settings

Select "Configure" and then "Your account" from the main menu. Then click "Edit" to edit your account settings.

  1. Check that you’ve entered an account name that your members will recognize. Avoid generic names like "Fab Lab" or "Makespace". Try to pick a unique name that includes your brand, your company name, your university initials, …
  2. While you’re there, have a look at the "Should we invite new members?" option and choose whether Fabman should automatically invite all new members to the member portal. Alternatively, you can invite members manually.
  3. Shall members be allowed to edit their own profile? If so, make sure that the option "Member self-service" is checked.
  4. Do you want members to see their invoices and charges, update their payment method, and pay invoices via the member portal? Then make sure that the option "Billing in member portal" is checked.

Space settings

Select "Configure" and then "Your space" from the main menu to see your space settings. If you have multiple spaces, you should repeat the following steps for every space.

  1. Find the "General settings" section and click on "Edit" next to it.
  2. Enter your contact information so members can reach you in case of questions or problems.
  3. Click on "Save changes".
  4. Back on your space page, edit your booking settings and make sure the booking limitations are set up correctly and that "Booking information" includes your terms & conditions for bookings (or links to them).

Other settings

You might want to go through your equipment list and and verify that the description of every equipment contains basic information like the size of the working area, links to manuals, or best practices.

That’s it! When you’re done, give it a try: Click on your initials on the right side of the main menu and then select "Go to member portal". If you’re satisfied, you can start inviting a few members and let them explore the member portal.

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