Connect your equipment to Fabman

You can manage almost any equipment with Fabman. All you need is a Fabman Bridge.

  1. First make sure that the bridge is powered on and connected to your local WiFi
  2. The bridge should display a pairing code.
    • If it displays something else: Is the bridge still assigned to another equipment? Try to un-pair it first.
    • If you still encounter problems: Contact us and we'll try to help!
  3. Sign in to your Fabman account:
  4. Click on "Configure" and then "Equipment" in the main menu.
  5. Is the equipment you'd like to connect already listed?
    • Yes, it's already listed: Click on the equipment name in the list and then on "Connect a bridge".
    • No, its brand new equipment: 
      1. Click on "Add equipment".
      2. Enter a name for the equipment, select a category (eg. "laser cutter"), scroll to the bottom and click "Save" (you can configure all other settings later).
      3. You should see the "Connect a bridge" form.
  6. Enter the pairing code that's shown on the bridge display and press "Assign". The code is only valid for a short period and changes every few minutes.
  7. You'll see the bridge settings form.
  8. Configure the bridge to your liking and press "Save changes". Plug the power cord of your equipment into the bridge's power socket.

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