Set up the WiFi on a new bridge

Follow these steps to connect a bridge to your local WiFi and :

  1. Power on the bridge, if it's not already powered on.
  2. Do you see the setup screen?
  3. Use a smartphone or computer to connect to the setup WiFi – not your own WiFi. The name of the setup WiFi ("Fabman-…" plus four digits or letters) and the 8-digit WiFi password are shown on the Bridge display.
  4. Once you're connected to the setup WiFi, most devices will automatically open a browser window and load the Bridge setup form.
    • If this does not happen on your device: open a new browser window and go to the website URL shown on the display, eg., You should see the setup form there.
  5. Type the name and password of your WiFi – not the setup WiFi – into the form and press "Connect"
  6. The bridge will try to connect to your WiFi.
Once setup is complete, the bridge will begin pairing and display a pairing code.  Use this code to assign the bridge to your equipment.

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