Packages & trainings – who’s allowed to use equipment?

Fabman offers two methods for managing access to your equipment: packages and training courses.


Packages let you control what kind of machines a member can access or book – and how much they have to pay for it.

A package grants members permission to use certain equipment and may include discounts for usage or booking fees.

In addition, a package may cost members a one-time or recurring fee and may include certain cancellation terms:

Once you’ve configured your packages, you can assign them to your members.

Training courses

In addition to packages, you can require members attend a training course before they can access certain equipment – even if they have a matching package. For example, you might offer a "access everything 24/7" package but still require all members to attend a "Laser Cutter Bootcamp" before they can use your laser cutters.
Follow these steps to set up a training course:
  1. Go to the detail page of an equipment that requires training and click on Edit:
  2. Enable requires training:
  3. Click on Save.
  4. Since this equipment is not part of a training course yet, Fabman will ask you to set up a course.
  5. Select an existing course or click on Create a new training course and type in the title of your course:
  6. Click on Save courses.

You can edit existing courses by selecting Configure from the main menu and clicking on Training courses.

Once you’ve set up your courses, you can allow members to use the equipment by adding training records.

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