Change a member’s role and privileges

Fabman distinguishes between three kinds of members:

  • Normal member
    • Can only book or use equipment if they have a package that grants them access.
    • If your equipment requires training, they must have a matching training course to turn it on.
    • Can be invited to create a user for the member portal.
  • Administrator
    • Can use any equipment without a package or training.
    • Can edit members, equipment and packages.
    • Can configure your space: rename it, change opening hours and add holidays.
    • Can turn on equipment while it's not connected to the internet.
    • Can add and remove other administrators.
  • Account owner
    • Has full control over your account.
    • Can add and remove other account owners.

If you make someone an administrator or owner, they are automatically invited to create a password so they can sign in to your admin website.

Here’s how you can change a member’s role:

  1. Go to the member’s detail page and click on "Edit":
  2. Click on "Change" next to their current role:
  3. Select their new role and click on "Save changes".

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