Charge for equipment usage

Follow these steps if you want to automatically create charges whenever members use your equipment.

Enable "Billing & invoices"

First, go to "Configure -> Your account" and ensure that "Billing & invoices" is enabled in the account settings.

Set base prices

Then set up the base prices for your equipment. Repeat the following steps for every equipment:

  1. Go to the equipment’s detail page and click on "Edit".

  2. Enter the amount you want to charge for usage or booking and click "Save".


If you need more flexibility, eg. charge different prices to different members, you can add discounts to your packages. Every member gets the biggest applicable discount that is granted by any of their packages. This allows for very flexible pricing models. Go to "Configure -> Packages" to edit your packages or add a new one.

The following image shows a "Deluxe membership" package. Members who have this package get 10% discount on usage fees and 50% discount on bookings. In addition, they get a 25% discount (instead of 10%) on using any laser cutter during opening hours.

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