Basic vs. integrated equipment

What’s the difference between basic and integrated equipment?

  • Any machine, meeting room, or desk you add to Fabman is initially basic equipment, which is always free.
  • If you connect a bridge to a piece of equipment (or create a bridge API key for the equipment), it is counted as integrated equipment towards your next monthly feeSee pricing for details.
  • If you remove the bridge (or the API key), the equipment is again counted as basic equipment and we’ll no longer charge you for it.

With basic equipment you can…

  • …mange bookings by members and staff.
  • …charge members for their bookings.
  • …use packages to control who can book it and when: 24/7, during opening hours, etc.
  • …use training courses to keep track of who’s qualified to use it.

With integrated equipment you can…

  • …prevent unauthorized operation: Only qualified members can start integrated equipment.
  • …keep track of equipment usage: Who used the CNC mill this week? For how long was the laser cutter busy?
  • …charge members based on their machine usage.
  • …prevent people from leaving dangerous equipment unattended by enabling the integrated dead man control system.
  • …connect safety cabins, safety mats or exhaust filters to the Fabman bridges to ensure safe operation.
  • …control electric door locks to restrict access to your space or allow 24/7 operation.

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