What is a Fabman Bridge?

Fabman Bridge is a small device that connects your equipment with Fabman. You can connect almost any machine to Fabman in minutes – from laser cutter to coffee maker. 

As soon as your equipment is connected to Fabman, you can…

  • … control who’s allowed to turn on the equipment. You can restrict access to certain user groups or time slots. 
  • … enable additional safety features: Require users to attend a training course before they can switch on dangerous machines. Prevent people from leaving dangerous equipment unattended. Fabman can prompt users to swipe their card at regular intervals while the machine is busy – and automatically shut it off if they don’t respond.
  • … keep track of when the equipment was in use – by whom and for how long.
  • … automatically bill your users for machine usage – based on machine time, time slot, pricing package, … 
  • … let users book machines online. Fabman guarantees that a machine is actually available when someone’s reservation is coming up: Only they can turn it on when it’s their time.

You can  configure many additional settings for more features, better hardware integration and detailed machine status information.

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