Set up a check-in / check-out terminal

Do you want your members to check-in when they enter the space and check-out when they leave? Maybe because you want to record attendance or bill them for the time they spend at your space? Then follow these steps:

  1. Add another equipment to your space and pair it with a bridge.
    1. Give your equipment a descriptive name like "Front desk check-in".
    2. Make sure that the "Visible in member portal" and "Can be booked by members" options are disabled:
    3. If you want to charge members for the time they are checked-in, you can enter a usage fee:
  2. After you’ve entered the pairing code and pressed "Assign", you’ll see the bridge settings.
  3. From the bridge settings, select  "this bridge controls… nothing – use it as Check-In-Terminal" and click "Save changes":

Now your members can check in at your space. To see who’s currently checked in, have a look at the overview page in the admin app.

If a member ever forgets to check out or checks in too late, you can adjust their check-in times from the overview or the activity log by simply editing the corresponding log entry. If you’ve configured a usage fee, the charged amount will be automatically adjusted whenever you change the log entry.

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