Get paid by credit card

You can easily collect payments from your members with Fabman – either individually or for all due invoices at once.

First, you need to set up your account for electronic payments. Then you can …

  • … create a payment for an invoice:
    1. Select "Billing" from the main menu.
    2. Click on an unpaid invoice to view its details.
    3. Click on "Add payment":
    4. Select a saved payment method or enter new credit card information for that member:
    5. Click on "Create payment" to charge the credit card.
  • … create a payment for a member: (either to pay one or more of their invoices or to increase the member’s account balance  for future invoices)
    1. Click on a member from your member list to view their details.
    2. Click on "Charges & invoices":
    3. Click on the "New payment" button next to "Recent payments":
    4. Follow steps 4 and 5 from the previous section.
  • … collect payment for all due invoices at once: See our separate help article for d.

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