Reassign an activity to another member

Sometimes the activity log contains entries that should belong to a different member than the one whose card has been used:

  • You worked on equipment on behalf of one of your members.
  • You gave a replacement key to a member because they’ve forgotten theirs.
  • Someone accidentally used someone else’s key.

Whatever’s the reason, you can reassign that activity to a different member. Any related charges will be recalculated for the new member based on their packages and discounts – just as if they had performed the activity themselves.

There are two ways to reassign the activity: via the activity log or via a member’s charges:

A: Reassign via the activity log

  1. Locate the activity in the activity log or in the equipment’s "recent activity" list.
  2. Click on the ellipsis (three dots) a the right side of the activity to show the action menu:
  3. Select "Change member…" from the action menu.

B: Reassign via a member’s charges

Instead of searching for the activity, you can also go to a member’s charges and reassign an activity & charge from there:

  1. On the original member’s detail page, click on "Charges & invoices".
  2. Select an activity charge from the list of charges and click on the ellipsis (three dots) at the right side to show the action menu:
  3. Select "Move activity & charge to another member…" from the action menu.

Whether you come from the activity or the charge, you should see the "change activity’s member" dialog:

  1. Search for the member you wish to assign the activity to.
  2. Click on "Add a note" if you want to keep track of why you’ve reassigned the activity.
  3. Click on "Change member"

Fabman will keep track of who the original member was, in case you made a mistake or want to look it up later:

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