Enhance description fields with dynamic links

Fabman allows you to add personalized links to an equipment’s description or your spaces "additional information" field. This enables you, for example, to direct members to an online assessment and automatically identify who’s clicked on the link to streamline the process.


Placeholders are special characters that are replaced with information from the member's details when a member views the link. For example, the placeholder {{member.emailAddress}} would be replaced with the member's email address. See the list of available placeholders at the end for more information.

How it works

Here’s how to insert dynamic links:

  1. When you edit a field that supports dynamic links, select the text you want to turn into a link and click on the "Link" button:

Image highlighting the link button in the editor toolbar of the description.

  1. Paste or write the link’s address into the popup.
  2. Add placeholders wherever you want to insert member information:

Image highlighting a placeholder in the address of a link while editing the description.

  1. Click "Link" to create the link.
  2. Click "Save changes" to save the new description.

Available placeholders

  • {{member.id}}
  • {{member.memberNumber}}
  • {{member.emailAddress}}
  • {{member.firstName}}
  • {{member.lastName}}
  • {{member.name}}
  • {{member.shortName}}
  • All other member fields listed in Fabman’s API documentation.
  • Any information stored in a member’s metadata field. For example, if you added the value crm_id to the member’s metadata, you can insert it like this:{{member.metadata.crm_id}}

Keep in mind that the placeholders are case-sensitive, so {{member.membernumber}} will not work, only {{member.memberNumber}} with an uppercase N will.

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