Charge for add-ons like lockers

Charging members for add-ons like lockers or storage space is as easy as keeping track of coreThat’s what member packages are for. You can use them both for core memberships as well as add-ons like lockers:

  1. From the main menu select "Configure" and then "Packages".
  2. Click on "New package" and give the package a descriptive name like "Add-on: Locker".
  3. Configure its monthly fee, duration and cancellation terms like you would do for normal membership packages.
  4. Make sure to remove the package’s default permission rule by clicking on "Remove rule".
  5. Click on "Save".

When you assign this package to a member, you can use the package’s notes field to keep track of details like their locker number or any deposits paid.

This information will alwaysbe visible to you on the member’s detail page:

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