What are opening hours used for?

You can tell Fabman your space’s opening hours (by selecting "Configure" from the main menu and clicking on "Your Space"). But what are they used for?

Member information

Your opening hours are shown in your member portal, together with upcoming holidays, so your members can plan their visit to your space accordingly.


You may add permissions to a package that are only valid during opening hours. Members with that package are then limited to that time frame – unless you grant them additional permissions. If they are using a machine and the opening hours are almost over, they will be warned on the bridge’s display – one hour in advance – just as if there was an upcoming booking by another member.

As an example, the following configuration lets them use every equipment during opening hours, but also allows 3D printing jobs to run outside opening hours – since they often have to run overnight:


You can restrict the timeframe when members are allowed to book equipment. You may restrict bookings to your opening ours or only allow them outside your opening hours. Select "Configure" and then "Your space" from the main menu. Find the "Booking settings" section and click on "Edit" to specify your booking restrictions.

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