Install RFID Reader 125 kHz Extension

The installation may only be done by qualified electricians!

System Requirements

All Fabman Bridges can easily be upgraded with an RFID Reader 125 kHz Extension in order to read EM 4001 or compatible RFID cards. This guide describes the installation with  Fabman Bridge V2. To install the extension T8 and T10 screwdrivers are needed (not included).

Hardware Installation

Follow these steps to install the RFID Reader 125 KHz Extension:
  1. Unplug the Fabman-Bridge from the electrical outlet and disconnect all other cables (e.g. connections to the controlled machine) before you start with the hardware installation.
  2. Carefully open the enclosure of the Fabman Bridge (four T8 screws) and unmount the logic board (three T10 screws). There is no need to unplug any cables from the PCB. 
  3. Insert the chip in the designated socket provided on the bottom side of the board and reassemble the Fabman Bridge. No additional configuration necessary. 

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