Prevent account sharing by cardless members

If you have enabled cardless bridges for your account, members can use their mobile phones to switch on equipment. Members can only use one mobile device at a time  (eg., a phone or tablet). If they have used a different device in the past, they have to confirm that they want to replace the old device.

When members keep using different mobile devices to switch on equipment, it might be a sign of account sharing. Depending on the circumstances, this might be fraud and/or a safety problem. Therefore, Fabman tries to help you detect these cases.

Fabman keeps track of each members’ device changes and shows you a warning sign on the member detail page, if a member has switched devices multiple times recently:

Click on the warning to see when they have changed devices and determine further actions.

Get notified via webhooks

There’s a special webhook event category for device changes you can subscribe to. If you do, your webhook will get called whenever a member changes their device. This allows you to take further actions based on your circumstances, eg., notify someone when a member changes devices more often than usual.

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