Connect an electric door lock

You can use a Fabman bridge to control most electric door locks by using the main Relais to switch the door lock’s power on and off.

Since it’s necessary to open the bridge’s enclosure to connect the wires, the following installation procedure must be performed by a qualified electrician. Fabman is not liable for damage to equipment or persons due to improper handling or installation of the bridge.

We have several customers who control their door locks with Fabman. You only need an electric lock on each door that you want to integrate into Fabman. You can integrate almost any electric lock. Happylab, for example, has good experiences with electric cylinders (like EVVA Emzy) or grip-controlled locks (like ASSA Abloy EL460) or magnetic locks for indoor use. In all cases, the Fabman bridge switches only 12 or 24 volts to open the door. Technically, you connect the Fabman Bridge like a door release button with the door lock. I hope this information helps.

The following sketch shows an example of the wiring of an electric door lock.

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