Supported keycards

Current bridge version

Our current bridge FB-V2 supports the following standards:

  • NFC-A tags: these include Mifare Classic, Mifare Ultralight, Mifare Desfire, Legic advant and many others, but support for some of these tags depends on the tags’ deployment configuration options.
  • NFC-B tags
  • NFC-F tags
  • ISO 15693 tags

If you have ordered the 125 kHz Extension, your bridges can also read EM4001 125kHz keycards and tokens.

Previous bridge versions

FB-V1 and FB-V1 Plus

FB-V1 bridges support only keycards and tokens of the type EM4001 125kHz. The Plus version supports the same keycards and tokens as the current FB-V2, including the 125kHz extension.

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