Install Fabman Exhaust Connector


With the help of the Fabman Exhaust Connector you can process signals from the exhaust system of your laser cutter directly in Fabman. This enables you to determine the machine's status (busy or idle) and to react on failure alarms of the filter unit. Fabman can automatically shut down the laser cutter and prevent it from being switched on in case of a filter malfunction. If you use the safety feature "Prevent unattended operation" you can furthermore set seperate safety interavals for busy and idle status (see section "Configuration" below).

Fabman Exhaust Connector

System Requirements

The exhaust system must be equipped with an SUB-D9 interface for external control and the laser cutter must support it. The pin assignment of the interface of the exhaust system must be in correspondence with the pinout listing below. 

It has been tested with laser cutters from Trotec and GCC in combination with exhaust systems from Trotec and TEKA, but it can be used with any system which follows the above mentioned interface specification.


Simply put the Fabman Exhaust Connector between the exhaust system and the external exhaust control cable. Then connect it to the RJ45 port of the Fabman Bridge.


This is an example configuration for a laser cutter with Fabman Exhaust Connector.

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