Install Fabman Power Monitor

Hardware Installation

The installation may only be done by qualified electricians!

Follow these steps to install the Power Monitor extension board:

  1. Unplug the Fabman-Bridge from the electrical outlet and disconnect all other cables (e.g. connections to the controlled machine) before you start with the hardware installation.
  2. Open the enclosure of the Fabman Bridge carefully (T9 screwdriver needed).
  3. Remove the factory-fitted wire jumper across the terminals “Relais 1 – S” (6th from left) and “L” (7th from left) and install the extension board and the cabling according to the following schematics (marked red): 
  4. Close the enclosure before you reconnect the Fabman Bridge.


  1. Switch on the Equipment by swiping your member card of an Admin or Account owner.
  2. In the top right corner of the Fabman Bridge's display you can now see the power consumption of the connected equipment in real time. It is displayed as a value between 0% and 100% whereas 100% corresponds to approx. 800 VA. For power consumption greater than 800 VA it also shows 100%.
  3. Now observe the power consumption value on the display in idle and busy state of the equipment and determine a proper threshold value. 
    Example: Our desktop 3D printer has in idle state a power consumption of 1%. When it prints, the value fluctuates between 4% and 6%. So 3% would be a proper threshold value to reliably distinguish between busy and idle state.
  4. Set the threshold
    1. Sign in to your Fabman account as Admin or Account owner.
    2. Click on the "Configure/Equipment".
    3. Click on the equipment name in the list and then on "edit" in the "Bridge"-box.
    4. Set the power consumption threshold as shown below and save the new bridge setting.

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